Meet the K-Team

Port Newark

Terry Benfer is the co-founder and President of Kinetic Supply-Chain Services.  She has a BS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.  After retiring from IFF, where Terry managed budgeting worldwide for their Research and Development Group, she came aboard to run Kinetic.  Terry is also a partner in the family micro-brewery, Raritan Bay Brewing Co., with her sons, Jeff, Dan and Kevin.   Her management style assumes competence of the individual.  She manages by positive reinforcement and guidance.  Terry and Paul have been married for thirty-four years.  Her passions include reading, fine wine, travel and her family.

Paul Benfer is co-founder and Managing Partner of Kinetic Supply-Chain Services.  His career in transportation began on a loading dock in high school.  He became a member of the Teamsters at age seventeen.  Paul went to work at Roadway Express after graduation from The College of New Jersey.  His other LTL career stops include ARA Smith’s Transport, Rite-Way Express, Con-Way (now XPO), APA Transport and G.O.D.  There aren’t many things he hasn’t done in the LTL industry.  Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).  Paul and his wife Terry have been married for thirty-four years.  He has three sons, Jeff, Dan and Kevin.  His passions include sitting on a beach reading historical books, politics, fine wine, bourbon, travel and the Yankees.

A man of few words, when John Amalfa does speak he commands your respect with his knowledge and passion for our industry. Luckily for Kinetic and our customers he has used his talents to great effect since coming aboard.  John started his career at Kinetic in 2005 after a twenty-five year career at Mosaic Trucking.  At Mosaic he was responsible for the day to day operations of a fifty (50) driver fleet pulling containers out of the ports of New Jersey and New York.  When not busy overseeing our operation you can find John on a beach in search of striped bass.  John has been married to his wife Terry for twenty-two years.  He has a daughter Randy and a grandson Luke, who he is passing on his love of fishing to at every opportunity.

Kevin Benfer graduated Kenyon College in 2015 with a degree in Economics.  After working in transportation with L’OREAL, he joined the K Team in 2017.  Kevin earned his Certified Transportation Broker certificate in 2019.  His passion, intelligence and maturity are important assets as Kinetic Supply-Chain moves forward into our second decade.  An avid sports fan and craft beer aficionado, Kevin works at the family microbrewery during much of his spare time.

GCT New York LP Staten Island, NY

If you could describe Ryan Grzes using only three words, those words would be smart, competent and cool.  Ryan joined the K Team after graduating Rutgers Magna Cum Laude, with a double major in History and Psychology in 2012.  He quickly established himself as a key figure in Kinetic’s future plans.  Ryan became a Certified Transportation Broker in 2012 and secured his hazardous materials certification in 2017.  He currently serves on the TIA Hazardous Materials committee.  In his spare time Ryan enjoys traveling.  In January 2017 he went to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.  Another passion of Ryan’s is visiting craft breweries.

It doesn’t get more Brooklyn than Suzanne Lim. Anyone who has spoken with her knows she is determined to get the job done for our customers.  She simply doesn’t take no for an answer.  Suzanne started with Kinetic in June 2011 and quickly adapted to her role dealing with container freight stations and airline cargo like a fish to water.  Suzanne is an industry veteran with forty-four (44) years of experience and a degree from the Academy of Advanced Traffic.  A few veterans will remember the Academy as the training ground for many top tier logistic professionals.  Suzanne has two daughters, Danielle and Gabriella and has been married to Yung Lim for twenty-seven years.  When not at work Suzanne enjoys travel and gourmet cooking.

Maher Terminals Elizabeth, NJ

If you have ever worked with our DLS Specialist, Andrea Paredes, you know that  she takes ownership of your freight.  She personally oversees every aspect of your shipment from pick-up to delivery.  Her warm and wonderful personality resonates with our clients.  Andrea brings passion and dedication to everything she does.  She is most proud of her two children, Victoria and Nicolas.  Andrea joined the K Team thirteen years ago.  Prior to that she worked in various logistics positions for ten years.  She has charmed many of our most demanding clients over those years.

Port Newark–Elizabeth

Makenzie McGowan joined the K Team in July 2019 after graduating from Rutgers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply-Chain Management.  After only four months, she has already demonstrated the skills necessary to succeed in third party logistics.  Makenzie is the oldest of five sisters.  Being the oldest of five, she grew up shouldering more than a few responsibilities with her younger siblings.  That experience dovetails well with her chosen profession.  Her hobbies include reading novels and non-fiction books.  Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Makenzie enjoys hanging with friends and family on the beach.

GCT Bayonne LP Jersey City, NJ

Chelsea Mullin has been with the K Team for two years as a Staff Associate.  Prior to that she worked in the travel industry.  When she came to Kinetic, Chelsea had to replace an individual who did an outstanding job.  Without missing a beat, she has become an integral part of our staff.   Chelsea recently got engaged to her partner Dave.  She attended Brookdale Community College. Her interests  include painting, drawing and reading.

Red Hook Container Terminal Brooklyn, NY

Krista Young joined our team as a billing specialist in 2018.  It is her first job in logistics.  In her spare time Krista enjoys movies and sports.  Her favorite thing to do after work is attend her son Darnell’s football games.  From what Krista says we will be hearing more of him on the gridiron next year when Darnell enters high school.

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