LTL (Less Than Truckload) Services

LTL (Less Than Truckload) – Is a shipment that takes up less than 750 cubic feet of a trailer, though some carriers further limit the cube or restrict the definition by linear feet consumed in a trailer.  LTL carriers are common carriers and haul freight for almost any business type.  The most common types of equipment used to pick-up and deliver LTL freight include 53’, 48’, 45’ and 28’ trailers and 24’ and 26’ straight-trucks or bobtails if you are from the West Coast.  You can move LTL freight with a flatbed or any other specialized truck depending on your needs.  Your cost to ship LTL freight depends on the following: weight, class, density, dimensions and delivery requirements such as lift-gate, inside delivery, residential delivery, military installation, and facilities without docks.  LTL rates are calculated by the former along with the distance between origin and destination and difficulty of delivery to a specific geographic area such as New York City.  Please call or email Kinetic Supply-Chain Services at or 866 572 7552 for more information or help with your LTL freight.

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