Transloading Services

Transloading – is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. It is commonly used to reduce costs, such as when a final destination is a great distance away from the port of origin.  It is cheaper to transload freight from a container to a van for delivery.  You only pay for the transload service and truckload rate one way versus paying for a container delivery that incurs the cost of the container return trip. Another reason to transload is when one mode cannot be used for the entire trip.  An example is when goods must be shipped internationally from one inland point to another. In order to effect delivery a shipment could require transport by truck to an airport for loading into an airplane to move overseas, and then be delivered by truck to the final destination. Another example would be a  bulk shipment (grain, coal) loaded via rail at the mine or co-op subsequently transloaded to a ship at a port.  Please call or email Kinetic Supply-Chain Services at or 866 572 7552 for more information or help with your transloading needs.

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