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At Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, our value goes beyond developing programs and moving freight. We see ourselves as a key partner in the continual evolution of your supply-chain. Our job is to know your business from the inside out. We offer insights and solutions into what your customers expect and demand, now and in the future.

With more than one hundred years of  logistics and supply-chain  experience, our team has the expertise to solve your most difficult issues. Whether your needs require immediate action or long-range planning, Kinetic Supply-Chain Services has the resources to get the job done.

We pledge to provide you with the best possible customer service. Our team will always act professionally and honestly with you and your clients. Kinetic Supply-Chain’s commitment to your satisfaction will never waiver. Our goal is to become your best service provider.

Meet The K-Team

Terry Benfer is the co-founder and President of Kinetic Supply-Chain Services.  She has a BS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.  After retiring from IFF, where Terry managed budgeting worldwide for their Research and Development Group, she came aboard to run Kinetic.  Terry is also a partner in the family micro-brewery, Raritan Bay Brewing Co., with her sons, Jeff, Dan, and Kevin.   Her management style assumes the competence of the individual.  She manages by positive reinforcement and guidance.  Terry and Paul have been married for thirty-five years.  Her passions include reading, fine wine, travel, and her family.

Paul Benfer

Paul Benfer

co-founder and Managing Partner Emeritus

Paul Benfer is co-founder and Managing Partner of Kinetic Supply-Chain Services.  His career in transportation began on a loading dock in high school.  He became a member of the Teamsters at age seventeen.  Paul went to work at Roadway Express after graduation from The College of New Jersey.  His other LTL career stops include ARA Smith’s Transport, Rite-Way Express, Con-Way (now XPO), APA Transport and G.O.D.  There aren’t many things he hasn’t done in the LTL industry.  Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).  Paul and his wife Terry have been married for thirty-four years.  He has three sons, Jeff, Dan and Kevin.  His passions include sitting on a beach reading historical books, politics, fine wine, bourbon, travel and the Yankees.

John Amalfa

John Amalfa

Director Emeritus

A man of few words, when John Amalfa does speak he commands your respect with his knowledge and passion for our industry. Luckily for Kinetic and our customers he has used his talents to great effect since coming aboard.  John started his career at Kinetic in 2005 after a twenty-five year career at Mosaic Trucking.  At Mosaic he was responsible for the day to day operations of a fifty (50) driver fleet pulling containers out of the ports of New Jersey and New York.  When not busy overseeing our operation you can find John on a beach in search of striped bass.  John has been married to his wife Terry for twenty-two years.  He has a daughter Randy and a grandson Luke, who he is passing on his love of fishing to at every opportunity.

Kevin Benfer

Kevin Benfer

Managing Partner

Kevin Benfer graduated from Kenyon College in 2015 with a degree in Economics.  After working in transportation with L’OREAL, he joined the K Team in 2017.  Kevin earned his Certified Transportation Broker certificate in 2019.  His passion, intelligence and maturity are important assets as Kinetic Supply-Chain moves forward into our second decade.  An avid sports fan and craft beer aficionado, Kevin works at the family microbrewery during much of his spare time.

Ryan Grzes

Ryan Grzes

Director of Operations

If you could describe Ryan Grzes using only three words, those words would be smart, competent and cool.  Ryan joined the K Team after graduating Rutgers Magna Cum Laude, with a double major in History and Psychology in 2012.  He quickly established himself as a key figure in Kinetic’s future plans.  Ryan became a Certified Transportation Broker in 2012 and secured his hazardous materials certification in 2017.  He currently serves on the TIA Hazardous Materials committee.  In his spare time Ryan enjoys traveling.  In January 2017 he went to Alaska to see the Northern Lights.  Another passion of Ryan’s is visiting craft breweries.

Suzanne Lim

Suzanne Lim

Operations Manager

It doesn’t get more Brooklyn than Suzanne Lim. Anyone who has spoken with her knows she is determined to get the job done for our customers.  She simply doesn’t take no for an answer.  Suzanne started with Kinetic in June 2011 and quickly adapted to her role dealing with container freight stations and airline cargo like a fish to water.  Suzanne is an industry veteran with forty-four (44) years of experience and a degree from the Academy of Advanced Traffic.  A few veterans will remember the Academy as the training ground for many top tier logistic professionals.  Suzanne has two daughters, Danielle and Gabriella and has been married to Yung Lim for twenty-seven years.  When not at work Suzanne enjoys travel and gourmet cooking.

Andrea Paredes

Andrea Paredes

TForce Worldwide Manger of Operations

If you have ever worked with our TForce Worldwide Specialist, Andrea Paredes, you know that she takes ownership of your freight.  She personally oversees every aspect of your shipment from pick-up to delivery.  Her warm and wonderful personality resonates with our clients.  Andrea brings passion and dedication to everything she does.  She is most proud of her two children, Victoria and Nicolas.  Andrea joined the K Team thirteen years ago.  Prior to that, she worked in various logistics positions for ten years.  She has charmed many of our most demanding clients over those years.

Krista Young

Krista Young


Krista Young joined our team as a billing specialist in 2018.  It is her first job in logistics.  In her spare time Krista enjoys movies and sports.  Her favorite thing to do after work is attend her son Darnell’s football games.  From what Krista says we will be hearing more of him on the gridiron next year when Darnell enters high school.

Steve Ferguson

Steve Ferguson

Steve is a senior-level executive with an extensive background in the sales of transportation, vaulting, warehousing, and logistics services. He enjoys traveling throughout North, Central & South America. Steve and his wife Dana have been married for 38 years after meeting at Ithaca College, where he played football. They have a son, Shane. When not working on home improvement projects, he can be found on the golf course.

Marissa Benfer

Marissa Benfer

Marissa joined the Kinetic Team in November of 2021. After graduating from Rutgers University in 2009, she worked in the Legal field for many years. She is married to her husband Jeff and they have a son named Henry, and two dogs, Oliver and Chance.  They are excited to be adding a daughter to their family in August of 2022.  In her spare time, Marissa enjoys gardening with Henry and Jeff, live music, cooking, and baking.

Barbara Jamolawicz

Barbara Jamolawicz

Accounts Payable

Barbara joined the Kinetic Team in February of 2021 as accounts payable/receivables clerk. Barbara has two teenage sons Joe and James, who both run cross country and track for their high school. Joe is a senior and will continue his running career in college. James just got his driving permit in March 2022. In her spare time Barbara enjoys going to her sons’ track meets, and hiking in the spring and fall.

Dan Benfer

Dan Benfer

Operations Manager

Dan joined the Kinetic Team in September of 2021 as an Operations Manager. He graduated from Monmouth University in 2012 and is an avid sports fan, craft beer enthusiast, and whiskey enjoyer. Dan did many things before joining the team, including running his own trucking company and managing a microbrewery.

Company Policies

Kinetic decreased the number of carriers through their bid selection process. We not only improved delivery service, but realized first year LTL cost reductions of nineteen (19%), with compounded savings to look forward to in the years to come.

Dave Karneboge

Director of Operations, Giant Bicycle

By using Kinetic’s drayage, LCL, and final mile airport services, we save time and money. Their size enables them to react quickly to changing service requirements. Kinetic reacts and adjusts to situations before they become issues. Our relationship goes back twelve years and continues to grow as they not only meet but exceed our expectations.

Bob Keffer

Manager, Transportation, Solvay USA

Kinetic's level of communication and reliability are second to none. Their staff anticipates potential issues and offers solutions to our supply-chain needs before the freight arrives in port. Their professional and responsive team operates as an extension of Novacyl. I could not be happier with their service.

Silvina Gomez

Supply Chain & Purchasing Manager, Novacyl

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts of Giant Bicycle and Paul Benfer at Kinetic Supply-Chain! My misplaced bikes have made it here and I now have 2 happy customers who will be taking their bikes on vacation tomorrow!
You all went above and beyond to get these bikes from Harrisburg down to me!
Please know I truly appreciate it! Thank you!

Missie Wakefield

The Bike Shop of Bel Air, Owner

Kinetic sets a standard of service that the larger third-party logistics companies can't provide. They manage our truckload and large volume orders with a level of communication that is unmatched. Our relationship goes back over twelve years and continues to grow.

Steve Berkowitz

Vice President, All American Poly

It seems as if we just started out on our journey to establish an LTL platform for Coaster USA, but in fact, it is now over four years since our meeting in Santa Fe Springs. Along the way, we have had ups and downs, but the end result is a platform and program that works!

Gene Korbut

Vice President - Logistics, Coaster Company of America

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How to benchmark freight brokers

How to Benchmark Supply-Chain Costs: Transportation Costs Affect Your Bottom Line

Ask people in your industry who they use and why.

This is one area that competitors are usually more than willing to discuss. Most new and small companies go through a painful learning curve while trying to successfully manage their supply-chains. Ask your competition what their percentage of supply-chain costs are versus sales. That is an excellent way to determine what you should expect to pay.

Investigate web-based transportation management systems (TMS).
Most new and small businesses don’t have the expertise to manage and select the proper carrier(s) to handle their shipments. A web-based system is a great way to secure competitive rates while learning the intricacies of LTL and truckload freight movement.
Don’t rely on one carrier to handle all of your supply-chain needs.
No one carrier does everything well. A few try to offer further discounts to bundle your parcel and LTL together. Usually, you can secure better rates and services via other carriers that more than offset the bundled savings.
Be open to new ideas.
Make yourself available to a carrier and third-party representatives. They are the people who can educate you in the basics of logistics.
Save and develop your shipment database from day one.

Build a database of your shipments. You can do this by requesting a monthly service report in excel from your carrier(s) or third party. Just about every major carrier requires specific shipment data from you before they offer pricing.

Know your carrier’s limitations of liability in regard to loss and damage.

All carriers move freight at reduced levels of liability, especially if the shipment moves on a spot quote. Most coverage on spot quotes is limited to $1 per pound. If your shipment is worth more than the coverage, the carrier will only pay up to the limit of liability specified in the quote or in their rules tariff.

If you will be shipping LTL, know your freight class.

Ask a carrier or third-party logistics provider to provide you with the National Motor  Freight Classification (NMFC) number for your product. Most freight is now classified based on density.

Talk to an industry professional.

Many companies have little or no supply-chain experience. Often they give the task of managing transportation to the person in charge of shipping. That person usually makes many mistakes on the way to becoming competent. Why not shorten that learning curve by talking to someone who has worked in the industry for many years?  Why do you think most established organizations have hired professionals who have advanced degrees in supply-chain and logistics?

Every dollar saved in supply-chain costs goes directly to your bottom line.

Freight costs can eat up a significant percentage of your profit dollar, both in pure and administrative costs. Sending out broadcast emails for quotes can initially be effective in helping to benchmark truckload and large volume shipment costs, but not using that information to build a database to draw from will actually add costs in the long run. It is better to develop a database and use the technology available to save money on both the administrative and actual costs of transportation.

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