Air Freight or Air Cargo Services

Air Freight or Air Cargo Services – is the movement of parcel or freight via an airplane.  Final mile delivery via an agent or carrier is normally used to move the item or freight to the ultimate consignee.  An air freight shipment can consist of one envelope or the entire cargo hold of a very large aircraft.  Shippers use air freight to expedite shipments in an emergency such as a natural disaster or pandemic.  It is used in the private sector to avoid plant and production line shutdowns due to a lack of material required to run production.  Passenger airlines, commercial airlines (FedEx and UPS) and charter airlines (Kitty Hawk Air Cargo) are three common ways to move air shipments.  Please call or email Kinetic Supply-Chain Services at or 866 572 7552 for more information or help with your air freight and air cargo needs.

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